Reviews for "Glitch Lab"

A QR code? Seriously? Seriously. We don't all have Smartphones. -.-

Levels were uninteresting, and, by default, a glitch is an unintended thing that occurs within a level/game, not something that is required to finish it. That said, it seemed... okay. Not something I would care to play again however.

Like the guy in the review below me I quit at the QR code, I'm not sure how much of the game is left at this point, it may have improved, it may not of. Either way, by putting something like that in you exclude a portion of your potential players who don't have a Smartphone, and I knocked off a star for this, it's pretty inconsiderate.

It is imperative to say: Improve your platforming map design, you can focus on "exploiting bugs" if you like, but c'mon, most of these "levels" were just a few platforms and a door... and a "bug". There was no challenge to it. Which is unfortunate, because I had high hopes for it, the humor, is a redeeming point, and I'll admit a put my disdain for the level design behind me in order to read the next sign.

Some of the later levels I tried, like the one where you change size and that alters your jumps, were a step in the right direction, and maybe there were levels beyond the QR code that were more like this, however, I did not get to try those.

It was at least, a decent time consumer.

The music was good.

"PS the coins do nothing"

An okish game. Nothing really special to save it and the concept isn't that great. I quitted at the QR code, I don't have an Iphone but to be honest even if I did it doesn't really seem like a game now, just a chore to continue.

Ending was a bit sudden, but you are also fucking awesome, sir!

you my good man are awesome as well. I absolutely love simple games like this one and i had so much fun but in my opinion it was such a short game it took me like 10 minutes to beat the whole thing.

You are fucking awesome too.