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Reviews for "SC. #14 - Fushi"

Very impressive!!!

O-O -_- O_O Wow!!! so cool! bulbasaur rocks! and the eyes on the girl are awesome!


Daughter...? Aren't you 18 or so it said on your info panel? No joke...? damn... If you dont mind me prying, how old is your wife then? ill give you a ten just cause. Perfect composition... color palette... style... emotion and stuff

Moosh responds:

Heh... I have 2 daughters actually haha XD And I'm not married...

... and no... We're not related by blood at all. They're just two friends that call me daddy haha.


Great work!


I am sure your daughter loves it...^^ bulbasaur is cute when he is asleep.

Is that a Bulbasaur?

Wow! that's great! Wish I could draw like that. The girl is beautiful, and the Bulbasaur is just awesome. :D

Moosh responds:

Bulbaaa SAH~