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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

It looks like a cookie clicker game, but there are many enemies.
armor makes enemies harder to kill.
plus 1k fame = +1 idle damage!

fun game, my stats following the outline of amodus' post

the monsters i fight have 6888888888 hp
critchance: 74%
ad: 708440
id: 1304174
crit: 104424056
monster: Satanic Blob Lvl 2

i wonder what the final monster is.... ha

There needs to be a resend medal function. Nothing more frustrating that getting to 1b or 10b just to find the medal did not send.

Another decent idle game made. Once again the game is incredibly addicting and a little easier to progress. The graphics seem to be the same as the last game. Also the concept and game structure isn't as good in my opinion as the last one. Some of the bosses are downright brutal, but seems very rewarding once beaten. Overall it's pretty decent.

reminds me a lot of idle mine and idle mine remix