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Reviews for "chun-li yuri (comission)"

Not bad how about some dildos next time.

amazing as always, song's catchy and the animation is great, awesome job and keep up the great work :D

Bit contemplative on the gravity, but guessing it's silicon tits, so it should work xP A little unsure on some angles though, but could work.
Otherwise it loops quite well. Quite surprised to see pubes though (even if that's all we see xP), not very often people want to see that, so it's neat to see more niche content. (seems like you got more than one audience after all ;P)

Nice work with the clothing though. And hey, grats on your first lesbian work I guess hehe :P And well, if that's what you mean with forte, yeah, you're kinda better at just embodiying the porn stereotypes of male douchebags and either of the two female cardboard box excuses for a personality xP I guess this can technically can count as female focused on that regard on a side note, even if just a loop ;3 Do have to say though, about all of your faces kinda look the same. Might be one of your trademark notable things, but just mentioning.

pinoytoons responds:

hehe np

Visually amazing as usual. I definately think you could make a really big project with a story of some sort with animation this good. But, we've all been at the point of needing commisions. Keep up the great work. Soundtrack must know!

pinoytoons responds:

just search chun li theme (metal version) on YT

it does have self there