Reviews for "A New Future"

I usually skip over Metal/Rock tracks because I generally don't like tracks in this genre. But I'm glad I didn't look over this one, because this track offered something different than what I usually find in the Metal/Rock category.

Since I know nothing of this category of music I can't comment on the quality of the guitars, sorry! I'm just not experienced in that realm of music.

But you have some other sounds in here other than guitars, which are all really cool! I especially like your flute, which sounds amazing, grace notes and reverb and all! The tranquil but majestic melodies that flute plays are astonishing. Just as you described it, a man running away from his country, trying to live at peace. Perfect.

Oh, and nice job with the key change at 1:54.

Now for some things I didn't like so much. At 2:33, you have two flutes playing distinctly different melodies, with different rhythms. To me this part of the track sounds really messy, not just because it kinda feels like each flute is going off on their own, completely ignoring the guitars in the background, but also because the flutes are playing so loud you can distinctly hear the guitars ducking behind them. It's especially noticeable at 2:52. And I usually don't notice anything wrong with people's mixes.

In the breakdown part at around 1:30, I was expecting the chord to change. If I'm listening properly, your chord here is C#. I had expected the chord to change to, say, A major, at around, say, 1:43 or something. But you disappointed me slightly by not doing that. (I hope I used proper musical terminology when typing that) But that's not a major complaint, since you simply just didn't do what I had expected.

Also, in the end, you didn't let the sound fade out all the way. So when the song ends it just cuts. I'm not a fan of endings like this. Let the sound ring, man.

Overall, though, for a genre I don't like, you've certainly turned the tables on me! You've created a Metal/Rock track that I enjoy, so props for that! Despite minor complaints, this is really good. 5/5, 9/10, good luck in NGADM! :D

I love the down-to-earth and organic vibes at the beginning. It progresses pretty slowly at the beginning, but I love the part at :36 with the flute. At 1:05, the pizzicato-y stringed instrument that comes in and the flute get in each other's way too much IMO. They both sound like they're playing rather dominating melodies, and I'm not sure which one I'm supposed to be absorbing more. The breakdown at 1:33 offered some highly-valued structural relief. You really capitalized on dynamic contrast as you built the texture of the song back up using the tranquil flute melodies from around 2:00 onwards. I think you've really captured a story with this piece, which I love. The melodies at 2:30 are good, but I'm going to have to repeat my comment that occasionally they seem to get in each other's way, especially when they're playing different rhythms. I love how the mood oscillates between calming and adventuresome, though. The coda was also cool. You almost fooled me with the half-fade-out followed by the piercing, loud and conclusive note at 3:38. Either way, this is a job extremely well-done. I really admire your work here. The instruments and moods are incredible, and the melodies are beautiful. Determining the winner of this contest is going to be excruciatingly tough! ;)


NyxTheShield responds:

Can't. Wait.

Thoughts while listening:
Intro, nice guitar playing, good riff, soothing piano, soft melody, guitar plays chords, flute begins to play a beautiful melody, echoing through my room, another guitar starts playing another riff (funky guitar), takes over the next part, piano and flute start playing again, funky guitar in some parts backwards, overlapping flute melodies, dreamy, midland, train through highlands, moving away, sad and happy at the same time.

According to the story you've written in the "Author Comments" it seems that I can compare my thoughts with yours.
This track symbolizes departure, happy and sad at the same time, beautiful!
This dreamy melody could represent the thoughts of the man, thinking about a better future or that he is lost in his thoughts, good concept!

None at the moment, it's not my metier, another person working in this genre can give you better feedback in this category!

5/5 -Shift
Simply beautiful!