Reviews for "Pico: Will It Slice?"

i like the song, what is this?

io3creations responds:

Actually, I just combined a few short music loops :) If you are interested, I can upload the mp3.

Not that bad not that good graphics though but still legit i just dont know how can someone beat the game if he dosent have 126 kills?

io3creations responds:

If you die, the kill count is reset. So if restart and continue to play from that level, then you won't have the max kills. You have to start from the beginning to get all kills.

The graphics is more of an homage to the original: "Pico's School". Now that game's old school! ~ Pun intended :D

damn lol accidentally reset myself otherwise I would have gotten 126 kills :)

io3creations responds:

You can always have another go. It doesn't take that long :)


Don't play this is you can't handle the pure joy of slicing.

And why would I want anything better than classic flash graphics?? (It IS Pico after all!) Sigh - we all were noobs once.

One more thing... SLICE!!!

this game reminds me of the game "DOOM". I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!