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Reviews for "Yomito Teaser (Spanish)"

¬°Que genial! Originalidad y coherencia, mezclados es algo que me super chifla XD

A Spanish ant anime. Something that some may see as a joke. This truly ain't that. If this is an example of your skill, you are well on your way to greatness. Great job here. I thought I had posted this but I guess not oops. I am not a voice actor per se but would like to help. Though I am sure you can find someone of better quality than me a Southern gent with muddled accent and all. Good luck on that, really. Some of the action might be better if you utilized a different angle on it that would be my suggestion. It is flashy and all and smooth. So good work there.

rozhvector responds:

LOL! thanks my friend

Not bad, I like the art style and the story of it, keep it up! But there are flaws and improvement needed in the animation that I wanted to say. First, I want to say that even though the meaning of the subtitles might be correct, but the are some spelling errors and improper sentence structure, such as for example, during the intro of Kayak, you misspelt shadow as shadown which is confusing, misleading and unprofessional even if it is a small flaw. Secondly, I want to comment on your fight scenes, even though it is well drawn, it does not have much of the exciting and blood pumping action feeling to it, might be due to it having too much flash fights without seeing too much fight movements and progress a little too slow to add tension too where some of characters and enemies seem clumsy and very idle until their que came, even though the part of the scene where Yomito cuts the Saktus is really cool but the combat that follows aren't exactly flexible and there actually little change in camera angles to make it exciting, I give some links to watch some exciting but similar style combat animation like Prosnorkulus, ninja action, sunny goes, etc that might suit your style of animating fight scenes and Thirdly,even though it just a intro now, you tend to present the animation more in art images, I advise that you should include more movements in the animation than just showing something like snapshot style. So I'll just advise to you like how I had advised many other animators, you got potential to improve and get better so if you want make a good animation in the future I advise that you should be patient and attention to detail as an animator, animations are animated using a lot frames can't be rushed and small flaws can accumulate and deteriorate the animation in overall which set apart the successful animators from unsuccessful ones. I also set some links below for your reference too if you want. :D


rozhvector responds:

Ooohhh #Zacktan thanks for your help and advice. you're welcome

Lovely animation, but do you have a bad mic or sumthing because the voice quality is a bit off, I don't mind the Spanish language as long there are subtitles :)