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Reviews for "Travelling salesman"

simple idea, i like puzzle game, but.. i think it's need more cute graphic, and more stuff..

you get you stars :)

fun. a little repetitive, put its not bad.

Good idea, and quite well performed. Simple, a bit repetitive, but fun.

But please don't call it TSP. It got me stuck real bad on level 3, because I thought i had to end in the tile I started at.

RabbitFromHell responds:

Hi, I am glad you like the game. You are of course right: as I should have stressed in the description, the problem of finding a path through a set of connected points is *not* the classical travelling salesman problem; as I say in the description above, it is the Hamiltonian path problem. However, these problems are related, and I thought "travelling salesman" was a better title than "find your own Hamiltonian path", so I used it. Apologies that you were stuck because of this confusion! I updated my description to include this information.

I was really excited when I read the title "travelling salesman" and thought the travelling salesman problem had been made into a game. I was a little disappointed when I realised that was not the case.
travelling salesman
1. (Professions) a salesman who travels within an assigned territory in order to sell merchandise or to solicit orders for the commercial enterprise he represents by direct personal contact with customers and potential customers.

This game has little in common with travelling salesmen at all.

It was enjoyable anyways so you get you stars. ;)

RabbitFromHell responds:

Hi, thanks for playing the game. You are right that this is not the travelling salesman problem; I started off with the idea of making a game of that in puzzlescript, but once I learned the limitations of the language, I changed course and ended up building a game based on Hamiltonian paths in graphs. But I thought the title was catchier, and so I kept it. The description is updated to address this possible confusion. I am happy you enjoyed the game anyway.

This is a repetitive, but fun puzzle game. Will there be a sequel?

RabbitFromHell responds:

Possibly; watch this space :)