Reviews for "EnV - TBT"

YAAAAY Heaven RD 4!!!!!!

all you who are saying its too short. IT IS A LOOP SONG!. you loop it and the end fits whith the start. perfect for backround music in games. allthogh the loop did sortof sound a little wierd

Slowed down voice at 0:30 was weird, the rest is fine. Good job.

Why everyone says its like Cosmic Dreamer? It is Heaven Rd. Remix! Also, gr8 but short.

Wow I really liked this Song! In fact, I even created an extended version of it: https://youtu.be/FgwOj_7zCEg
I hope you don't mind EnV and everyone else: Tell me if you enjoyed it ;)

Btw I don't wanna beg for clicks or anything, but I've seen a lot of people on here requesting a longer version, so maybe this helps