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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

No, you are bazooka. He wasn't saying the game is bad. He was just saying he couldn't play.

this is so cool

Don't let other's comparing your game to Fruit Ninja get you down, but play some more Fruit Ninja and try to figure it out some more and use it to improve your game.
My tips:
- Include more different shades for sticks. I can hardly tell them apart
- Also make it more obvious to tell which stick you have indeed sliced and which not. Maybe more blood? Some kind of explosion on impact? Different color?
- Sound effects: make them louder (turning off music is fine too, but it is too loud compared to sound effects). Also add a telltale sound for bombs - they move really fast and the only way to tell them is to look for unassuming purple and the sound of the knot burning. Give it a more vibrant color and a sound that will alert you it is coming. Maybe slow them down a bit or add various speeds for them.

Now, this is not criticism but ideas for you to improve your game and make it even better!

I only need to paste someone in place of the ragdolls, and it's GOTY for me.

Excellent game. Since Fruit Ninja is a subject here, I must say this is a lot more satisfying and fun than slashing fruit. Great work!