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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

Fruit Ninja Clone. Gets boring pretty fast.

Nice game but not playable for me. I can hit 3+x number of dolls and still get an 3x Combo (or no combo). I also had 3 times an "Stealth Bomb". Only one doll at the screen, I have full live, I hit the doll and died instantly. I don´t really understand why. I also need to hit a doll 2-4 times to kill it. Is that normal. I think 1 hit is normal but I am not sure.

Cool game,It really look's like fruit ninja but ins't fruit It 's is Ragdoll's !!
I really recomend this game

Have fun and good luck to unlock all medals :)

Sorry to tell you this, but when I turn off music and sound, the achievements still give a sound (maybe it's only NG-Achievements). Which is baaaad. really bad. especially if you're playing where you're not supposed to. Not that I did, but still.

Aside from that, fun, simple, no lag, therefor, good


This is cool game like fruit ninja!!!!This is awesome game!!!!