Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

I CAN´T FINISH THIS. Seriously good game with good ambiance but if i will try to finish this i will destroy my computer :D. Keep up the IMPOSIBLE work.

So first off I'm sorry you are getting so many terrible comments mostly filled with insults and very little constructive criticism.

Now to my actual review,
I feel like the idea has many interesting gameplay possibilities of which you only utilized a few("social" commentary per signs). Now I understand this was made in 72 h and for that I respect it immensely. Ofc this brings up the problem of submitting games that were created in a certain framework(time-, style- and agerestrictions) to a site with a much larger framework (newgrounds).

I like it for a 72h game but
I feel like you could have improved on it before submitting it to newgrounds.
Some things I feel could have been nice include:
a way to actually deal with your disabilities like drug "powerups" for the spastic or seeing aids for the blind etc(and maybe add puzzels for the illiterate before the very end). And maybe up the level design.

As you can see by my multiple use of the word feel and maybe some weird sentences here and there this is my opinion and I'm not a native english speaker.

TL;DR I think this was a great result of a 72h competition but I mourn the possibilities that this game has missed out on. The idea is great! I would love to see a fully fleged game so if you are thinking about making one. Ignore the nay sayers and bring it on ;)

p.s.: oh and yes the controls do lock up but you are right, otherwise the character movement is very fluid and feels good all around

I was able to walk left. I restarted twice, allowing me to walk left with 3 different disabilities. All of them seemed to have the disability of "walk left until you hit that ledge and then never ever move again" though.

Kcori responds:

That's strange and frustrating. I don't know why that happened, and I think it might be out of my control, unfortunately.

If this piece of shit was any more pretentious thousands would die of tumblr poisoning. You'd probably be arrested for manslaughter. There is no worthwhile gameplay here beyond the rudimentary framework to couch your "message" in and we could read the same message on any histrionic self-righteous "social justice" blog. We just don't, because that shit is stupid.

#trigger warning mammals/10

PRetentious and worthless. A game still has to be a game, buddy, no matter how much you want it to have a 'message'. At the point where I keep dying because the character chooses to kill himself repeatedly, it's not a game. Is the message supposed to be if you're disabled, you should kill yourself because your life is a waste of time? Or is the message that disabled people all WANT to kill themselves?

Your game would be mediocre except for its bad gimmick, which makes it insufferable. And even then, there's nothing that makes it worthwhile. Even the message is pointless. It's hard to be disabled? You feel ostracized from society and life is hard? What's your next game going to be, a game about the sky being blue? Water is Wet: The Game?

Kcori responds:

Whoa, did you just join Newgrounds to be a dick to me? I'm honored.