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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

I take my hat off to you Prof. Soap.

Just finished watching your video uploaded before this, and was upset with myself for not reviewing it - it was fantastic.

But I am even happier now..

I saw this, not knowing you were the animator, and thought to myself "How the hell are these guys making such quality animations?? "

Sure enough, they are both yours!

The music is fantastic, and suits perfectly with your drawing style. Your efforts will be rewarded, I know this!

10/10 for both.

Heck yeah. I have a warm, happy feeling from watching this. Definitely had a bit of a throwback feel to it. Like an early-childhood cartoon. That music is pretty great; it also has a warm retro tone. Such a wonderful animation really deserves more credit.

Tears? Almost. 5/5

Outstanding. I enjoyed very much your visual style. The way you are able to give extraordinary dimensions to objects just by playing with two colors is something that amazed me throughout the video.
The story itself is nice and the pace goes just fine with the music. A lovely journey of just some minutes.
Really nice job sir.
It felt kind of lonely though, like a .. don't know, sadness around this character. But I believe that's something inherent to space itself.

It's such a chill out video. Thank you for de-stressing me. The music is lovely, the animation is easy on the eyes, and very well choreographed! Love it!

I can drift off with the music like the spaceman. Again, lovely video.!