Reviews for "Gaming Quote Master!"

This game is really cool, and it is indeed a game made for people who know a lot, maybe if you added clues, yeah, that would be great.

Challenging. Maybe some either different variation or some more popular quotes though, I didn't get any that really stood out.

well made, but just too hard, you have to be a really experienced gamer to know these quotes, maybe remake de game but with movie quotes ;)

First off, more than half of these games I couldn't recognize, (And I'm a pretty avid gamer.) You could have at least given points for giving the name of the game. Heck, some of them aren't even quotes said by anyone thus, entering a character's name really dosen't help. Could have been better.

some of these i knew and i typed in the answer that i was 100% sure was right and it didnt take it. like one of them was "Don't you recognize me Ezio? Its-a-me ____!" and i typed mario and it didnt do anything. this "game" needs some major fixing