Reviews for "EnV - NameMySongForMe 4"

Nice, love the swing it has :) I'd say 'Time Warp', lol

It sounds a bit swooshy so I'm gonna say that a nice name would be ''Rush''

A cool name for the song could be 'Sentient'.

Env - Pixelized Rainbow

You never cease to amaze, do you? The mastering even in this snippet is flawless, your transition from the powerhouse of a midsection to the calmer outro is beautiful, and all of the instruments are spot on. Admittedly, when the high synth comes in around 0:34, some of the other sounds get lost in the back, but this is a preview so it's not really anything I should gripe about. 4.5/5 because of the tease, and for having to wait for the EP (rush your work, make it inferior quality so I can listen sooner, dammit!).

Regardless, I think something along the lines of "Fervor" or "Vigor" would fit such a high energy piece.

Keep kicking ass, EnV. Though I have no doubt you will no matter what I say.