Reviews for "Chainsaw Slasher"

not good

Absolutely terrific game!!
Loved it
Needs a save feature, More upgrades, more waves, it's so totally addictive
Needed bed so lost progress.. :(
if I could vote more than 5 stars I would.

I love this game. 30 waves on survival.

The game overall is great, and I thought the mechanics were really well-balanced. With all the upgrades and everything, the progression from normal-survival-hard was well-paced and felt great, and passive/active abilities allowed a very wide range of playstyles. My only complaint was the lack of any other rewards. I beat normal and got a katana, which was great and everything, but I was expecting something else from survival and ESPECIALLY from hard mode, especially with a few remaining empty inventory slots misleading me into false hope. When I completed the game with no reward other than "lol medal", it sort of took a shit on the whole experience for me.

love it 5 STARS!!!