Reviews for "Chainsaw Slasher"

beat the game once ?
i already beat it on hard mode
where is my medal ???
you don't say ....
i only need level 5 chainsaw and level 1 medkit
to beat entire game on hard mode
there's no point to bring the useless shotgun
and useless scrap of armor to the battle

Not finding the chain passive skill to actually help the chainsaw. It does the same amount of damage regardless. Also, katana is definitely a harder weapon to use, which was weird.

Great game, However I received the survivor, master, and grandmaster medals in-game but it didn't give them to me on the site.

Lustra el pincha poto moja la batata.

This is a great game. Interesting ideas, weapons, looks nice and fun to play. Thanks!

I found it challenging to start with but in the end survival mode didn't seem to get harder in progressive waves so I got bored and gave up. Maybe tougher zombies, shooters or less power ups after 20 waves or so?