Reviews for "Kingdom"

This game is awesome but could be so much better, a few upgrades will make this perfect. I suggest a few more upgrades on walls, maybe with an archer's outpost on it, also a spiked palisade in front of it to enhance offensive power. Speaking of power, archers and workers should auto upgrade a few times, by killing rabbits and trolls, improving range, accuarcy and damage, workers should increase moving speed and build speed. Wll that's what i think ^^ cheers for the game

It needs an ending,so far is a good game.

Simple and fun. Eventually managed to reach the 15th night before getting overwhelmed.

I did however stumble upon an unlimited gold glitch, when you get caught by a troll you lose 1 gold, if you run out of gold you lose your crown and its game over.

However once the Giant trolls start coming after night 7 or 8, if you get caught by one of those, you drop 3 gold, however you only actually lose 1 gold from your total. Effectively you can run back and forth hitting the big trolls, and make a 2 gold profit each time your hit. this makes you more or less invincible, and allows you to buy a huge army the very next turn.

really cool but you should make it so we can make towers between the walls arond the castle its still really cool

what are the controls, besides walking around? good game it seems, :)