Reviews for "Happyyyy~★♥♪!! (Happy★GTR mix)"

Dude, I put lots of headphones to enjoy that song! It's above amazing! It make me go to song paradise. Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so flippin happy 8)

OMG¡¡¡¡ this song is amazing

Finally something actually musically awesome! Love the burning chord progression, really reminds me of J-pop, that stuff seems more harmonically interesting then most western music.
One point of criticism is that the melody has a few not necissarily wrong but strange movements. It's just a matter of taste of course, but on the B+5 chord and the B7 (killer progression by the way, walking up to that seven, classic) it tends to throw the melody off just a tad bit, and then race back into it. Just nitpicking, since it's hardly noticable at this insane amount of BPM.
Awesome composition, great instrumentation, and a slightly busy, but still very smooth mix. I loved it, I'm favoriting this.