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Reviews for "This Ride Called Life 1"



It May Be a Giant...

The main charachter and background animation/art was really good. Spruce up the "incidental" graphics, like the planes/street scenes and pace the action a little better, and you could have a Portal winner here. Loved how you overlapped the music sound clip at the end. Rather innovative.

that was great

I love it how the guy below me is bashing the cartoon for not being violent enough, that's funny in itself. Great style, graphics, and sound.

Very nice...

As slow as this was, and as strange as it was, I think the whole mood was perfectly done. Any faster, and I would have had to complain. It is almost a commentary...and the ending is rather funny. Very nice job...never before have I seen a flash movie like this.

Bad, better, best?

I have to admit I wasn't really in a good mood when reviewing the other movie by JMartin97. (I told him to go fuck himself) But this is really a great flash movie. I can't wait for the next part, so keep this up.