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Reviews for "shades of madness: traile"

this video is awesome , deal with it

chris-the-stick responds:

thanks man, i appreciate your help/support!
thanks alot!

i will try to improve!

5/5 a masterpiece

chris-the-stick responds:

man, thanks, i thank you very much for your kind words, and support!

That madness was madness! Madness.

chris-the-stick responds:

it was madness!

thanks for your review sir. U rock

You're doing SBC's work, BB10. That was some funny shit.

chris-the-stick responds:

thanks man, i had fun making it!

saying this is a huge honor for me, thank you!1

You tryied your best at it.

chris-the-stick responds:

thanks, i appreciate your review.
i will become better in my next part!!...