Reviews for "BLYM"

Great job!!
if you can make it that then you
die you start faster...
great game!!!

I enjoyed the game. However, unlike some of the other reviewers I was fine with the story. I mean he is a strange little blob, what does he really have to do with himself other than go on a little adventure. There isn't anything in the game that begs explanation. The sequel even has a story set up for it 'Blym 2: The quest for hat'. I also do really enjoy the mechanism, and I think it has quite a bit more potential so I look forward to seeing what more you can do with it.

This is not to say, however, that I didn't have any points that I thought could be added to it. I think the game has a whimsical feeling to it, I would love to see more humor tossed in there. He looks like the type who may crack a joke or two. Also there didn't seem to be any Easter eggs or secrets or other such things in the game, I think this game is set up in a way that adding such things wouldn't detract from the game, but would give the player a few extra things to look forward to, and possibly reason to replay the game.

Overall, great game, I really look forward to part 2. Keep up the good work, 5's all around.

loved the game , and the puzzle are very good too
although the story should be improved

Functional game with decent audio and a reasonable difficulty level. Worth giving a try but might not appeal to people specifically not fans of puzzle platformers.

you need a better storyline

whileworking responds:

Haha, I was afraid to hear that. ;)