Reviews for "Pool Boy"

I really liked your animation style. It spoke of decades gone by, and fondly reminded me of shows such as Rocky & Bullwinkle...well, without all the f*kking that is. You obviously put a lot of work into this cartoon as it was very polished, but it was too short and predictable. The joke was a bit stale, or maybe I'm just taking it too personally as I'm a man married to a much more attractive woman. Either way, I'll definitely watch your work for further submissions!


Nice and short thingy to make your day brighter. Good job.

As a whole rather amusing, could've gone with a few more lingating indications, but guessing as a whole, the more generic porn norm+stereotype was used for the classic effect of well, people recognizing them heh. But yeah, all and all it was funny, a bit cliche, but not too much.

Well animated, but good lord, what a boring joke, way too predictable.