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Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

DAMNIT! HOW LONG UNTIL 3?! I beat the game in a day:/ but jst storlin. and honestly that's what i'm interested in lol. Awesome game. Awesome storyline and awesome gameplay. I feel like this is gonna merge with another zombie lol. Naahhh road of the dad too unique for that!

You gotta hurry up on next game! NO BREAKS BRO! lol jk take the time don't want it to be crappy

nice game and nice graphics :D

As someone who aspires to be an independent game developer its hard not to admire the complete package presented in this game. Everything, from story, to gameplay, to soundtrack is excellent and I hope to one day put a similar amount of creativity and effort into my work.

If I would ask you all to add one thing to this game, it would be volume control! I don't simply want to turn off sounds, I just want to be able to play other things over it! The game is already so awesome, it shouldn't be that difficult to make such an update.

Honestly, if you made this for the xbox360 or ps3 I would still play this game! You need to make a steam co-op version! Great game, thank you!!!