Reviews for "Douchebags & BK"

good movie


All i have to say is....

...you suck at everything, not to mention skating and making flash movies. I can make better a movie and i don't know how to use flash. Cause i'm n00b and proud of it.


dude that was great!! I kracked up laughing. good job and by the way how can i make my own movies.

UglyBastard responds:

Thanx 4 teh review.

and it's sorta hard to explain how to make your own movies. but they do have hundreds of Flash tutorials here on newgrounds, especially by teh guy who made this site.

Just a warning......
Don't make stick animations as your first. you'll get flamed (by reviewers) for that (if you submit it here) and the odds of a stick animation making it are slim to none.



I LOVED THIS! the BK song u used made me cry with laughter specially cause o that fat kid!

UglyBastard responds:

Thanx :)

But you should look out for the 48 frames per sec.(really fast) version of this real soon.

sponge bob rules

the only reason i like this movie is cause of sponge bob sponge bb rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!