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Reviews for "Detective Parrot:Episode1"

crack kurwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crack parrot skurwisyn XD

OK, so it's not much of a game, but c'mon, this is HILARIOUS! I definitely am looking forward to the second "seson" with the "4 cristmas persons!"

This was amazing! :D
But in the next one you should put some unfitting music or cheap and random sound effects! x3

It's very hard to state if it actualy is a game, or not. From one point of view, it's just bunch of slides, but from second, you could treat it as a game and be honest with yourself trying to guess the riddle before checking the answer. It's like these old games in form of books where you'd note progress on sheet of paper.

Even If we acknowledge it as a game, it's not very good. It has some slight potential, but in this form, it's just very bad.


The English is really horrible. This doesn't seem to be much of a game, there is no playing action, just paging through a story. It needs a way for the player to guess the solution within the game.