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Reviews for "FB2: The Naked Forever"

This movie suffers from a severe lack of radish and a devastating surplus of banana.
Though I still liked it. It made me bob my head a bit to the funky beats.
And then I beat my head to the funky Bob.
It's a vicious cycle.

biblo responds:

I gotcha!

I can't even visualize how to do this in Flash. If I tried to copy it, I don't think I could.

biblo responds:

It's not as hard as you'd think. It's mostly a few time-saving tricks. I can explain a few to you if you want

It's traced, isn't it? There are only like 2 dance loops in here, and I'm pretty sure it was traced. I would give it a 2, but there are some visuals I would not be able to make easily myself, so you have my respect for these visuals.

biblo responds:

It's rotoscoped if that's what you mean by "traced".

Get your head out of your ass with that stigma, seriously. It's just a different visual style.

Did you see that film "A Scanner Darkly"? Yeah, that was traced, did you know that?

Wow, I would like to be that good at animating

biblo responds:

It's not that hard


Fappy cock day.

biblo responds:

I'm aroused