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Reviews for "Be Happy"

This was a real masterpiece of art, I can tell you really put your emotions into your work. The joy you take in living is expressed so lividly through the walk of the octopus, the joy of his face, the exacy of the tree's faces and the smiling love of the sun. The space sequence is excellent too, recalling the work of Kubrick, particularly 2001: A Space Oddssey, but also the cinematography of Kubrick's non-genre efforts such as Lolita and The Killing. The ending is also cute and simple, but leaves me wanting more, makes me question, question the very nature of reality. Was this all real? Or was it simply a dream within the Octopus's head? What is reality and what is dream? You leave choice in our hands Dave, but giving us the option to relive the dream as if it is life by clicking replay, or emerge back out into the real world as better, more complete human beings (or Octopuses) after spending time within the wonderous land you have crafted.

hillrdavid responds:

I know, right?

very different. i like different


It did what it said it would. :)

so i sat there for an hour waiting for it to end

hillrdavid responds:

Me too