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Reviews for "Project Thundercloud"

This is a very great animation. But I don't get the part where she stands on the clock, it really makes no sense. The noise is mostly silence, the part where she got shocked by lightning as a filly really didn't have much movement. The art was detailed as if they look almost like the characters in MLP:FiM. I suggest to start watching more Movies to get your inspiration going. And maybe make a series for a try, it gives you good practice, and more ways to create art into a beautiful image of animation. But other than all of that, it's very great. 5 Stars for the animation.

I agree with a lot of the comments below about how well done this is. I'm not a MLP fan at all, but i know great artwork and voice acting when its present. I will admit, the sudden silences confused me. Maybe some light/soft voice overs between major shifts would have gone nicely there, but i understand if the available voice actors weren't available to fill those roles for you. Great work!

This was very well done. The animation was extremely fluid. The music in the beginning was reminiscent of a Tim Burton film feel. The incorporation of 3D and 2D animation was well executed.

The only issue I have with the film is the moments of complete silence. Especially with transitions from scene to scene. For example the one with the eye doctor. The silence was so long, I thought that my speakers may have been unplugged by accident (or my sound card crapped out). The lack of any background or ambient noise really detracts from the episode a bit. Some scenes the music was a little louder than the VA and that made it a little difficult to hear what Derpy was saying.

Otherwise that being said, you have the makings of a really nice series here. I'm not a fan of MLP, but the fan-based films and parodies are quite fantastic, and are bloody brilliant and those are the ones that I am fans of. Excellent work and I look forward to seeing your next episode!

I'm a banana. :3

Like I really really trully do not like My little pony but this is awesome work voices are nice story wasnt that bad.
From this I do not have some serious negative things to say.
I giving you 5 stars for this noce work.