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Reviews for "Game Grumps Porn"

wait... did he use tht guy ass as an ashtray ... hmm

Cmon Emily, give me a hug

Holy balls, I just happened to remember you yesterday and then I find something about pistachio and then I find this today.

Seamless fusion of art styles and morphing thereof. Rythm and structure reminiscent of Borges' The Aleph, as a tiger made of tigers like himself. 5 out of 5.

Never seen something like this before.. i really think its the best thing ive ever seen.



I lost my shit just now. I can't stop laughing, This work of art is probably your best yet aside from the last two Alfred movie scenes. While the game grumps, which is basically a let's play shitfest, wasn't ever my cup of tea, I'm glad that someone has finally made something that completely complements it to its entire. To the point to where it becomes something of the priceless spam-art flashes from yestermorrow.