Reviews for "Social Planets"

With attack-destroy planets etc, this game can be really good

jacklehamster responds:

That's kinda a neat idea...

Hello there Author. i finished the game/experiment of yours 3 days ago and it was great. And i see you just newly posted it here in newgrounds. I hope others also finished the game. and also I see other planets(that players made) that talks very disturbing. anyway good job.

made a planet with a penguin...its name is awsome planet,
it has castle crashers

This is a pretty neat experiment! Games that allow user content can go as far as the player's imagination. It'd be great to find a planet with a story or adventure to it. Maybe you could create a map that show's planets and add in tags to link them with other planets on the map? Or maybe a keyword/search function and a rating system. Otherwise, it's hard to find something interesting to play.

Check out my planet of Daclus, and follow the little story.