Reviews for "Ball Of Steel"

clock crew always does movie parodies best

I Like The Funny Song And Voice Acting. Awesome Tribute!

bb10s return to the bige screen is mostly succesful as BALL OF STELL provides lots ofe enough exhilairoing action and several specticle to overcome its frequent occialsonal bouts of detours into generic buttbuster ter iroty

hahahahaha! what an amazing tribute to me!
thanks, man! im sure bb10 shall defend newgrounds and clockcrew alike from the ailments like the ''bad flash movies'' and from the ''lame foes''.
he will ''protekt them froem the bad gais!111oneone''

great flash, and i LOVE that you've added both my ''awesome'' impression, and my zelda singing part.
i hope that you will do more like this, because i highly enjoyed it.
keep it up, bro! it was good.