Reviews for "The Undeadfeated"

30 deaths later an i killed him lmao love it

rofl they killled him a shit bunch of times isnt that more darker O_O also tee hee bewbs XD

Well this isn't anything new or interesting compared to all the other parodies off this lame game. Art was good, but just didn't do it for me. However nice touch at the ending. However why would the boss while having his nuts hacked off slowly be taking the time to talk like he hasn't had his nuts taken off?

The joke at the end was so lame, however it did make me let out a hearty lol.

Considering I've been playing alot Dark Souls I could be a little biased here but I loved this toon.

Kudos good sir.

There is shit and then there is good shit. This is the latter. Keep it up.