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Reviews for "Weapons on Wheels 2"

Great racing game, truly one of the best i've ever played!


It lags to load and I have Verizon and a alienware laptop but I like the game it's reminiscent of twisted metal

wayyyy too touchy. every single time i tried to turn even with handling and everything maxed out i hit every single wall in the entire track

A decently executed game, though a little too easy.

The only challening race for me was the very first one, when I hadn't upgraded anything. I finished third and then tried again, managing to take first place by an inch. With the money I upgraded my maximum speed and won every race after that on the first try.

The weapons funtion nicely, but the fact is the general car upgrades are the way to win easily. All of the general upgrades are useful, but the maximum speed upgrade is perhaps overpowered. After I got my maximum speed stat to level 4 (my starting stat was 2) I was always faster than the others.

As to the erratic turning mentioned by other comments, I admit it makes the game rather unsatisfying as a racing game.

Besides adjusting the difficulty and turning, a slower pace would make the game a little less hectic. You might have intended the game to be fast-paced, but with maxed out speed you're hitting walls all the time and using weapons beomes a game of luck (unless you're using a heat seeker).

no handling = hell. but over all great game with the races and guns. the weapons worked perfectly with the controls and the races were also fun with the money added to it. anyone was you should probably upgrade the starter packs a little or have lots more upgrades and weapons for the cars. i had a great time playing this game too.