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Reviews for "dog rescue sim 2013"

I really like this game! Its like cat mario. It trolls you, badly!

Reminded me alot of I wanna be the guy, Because of its unfair game design i guess.

It was fun though.

The music is amazinn, i played it so long that blisters are beginning to form on my eye whites

This game is really beautiful :)
My favourite point was the nazi dog!!!!
Excellent choice of music (what is the soundtrack called? I could listen to it all day!!)
I also like how there is a dog at the beginning!
I think you should start at the last level you reached, not at the beginning (seriously I like figuring out the traps, but I dont want to start all over :P)
Also this game should have more boobs!

yurgenburgen responds:

the song is "Pitch at bunch on itch" by Boredoms

I see your games are filled with the music of goddesses. Please, may I have the link to this spectacular tune?

yurgenburgen responds:

fun fact: I have seen this band live