Reviews for "Sonic Drowns?"

what i dont get it.______________.

MichaFrario responds:

There's still the visuals you can 'get' !


Here's what I liked:
-The sort-of-pixelated art style was really cool. Very awesome and unique.
-The audio was spot on. I suppose it was loud but it sounded great and was truly faithful to the source material.
-The animation was pretty smooth.
-The backgrounds looked great. Good to see you go that extra mile.

Here's what I didn't:
-The pun could have been executed in funnier ways. Seems like the core of the joke was stealing the air and sacrificing Tails. I think that could have been funnier if it was done with some sort of block or last second steal or some other form of comedic violence. Having him take the air so that Sonic could spend 30 seconds making goo goo eyes at him before they make out was unnecessary. Yeah, we get it, Sonic's about to lip lock with Tails, move on.
-Sonic should have died before Tails even grabbed the bubble. He seemed to survive well past what the musical cue said should be his death time. Even then he wasn't gagging or struggling for air, he was calmly spending an hour making eyebrows at Tails.
-Why didn't Sonic go for a different bubble, or move more than 2 inches after going underwater? It's like he desperately wanted an excuse to kiss/kill Tails.
-Considering the sheer number of ways this could have been done you picked the only one that forces (through several logic errors by both Sonic and Tails) the two of them to press their faces together. I suspect you're really into SonicxTails yaoi or something, but what happened here (forced sexual contact leading to the death of a young boy) doesn't come off as funny, just... Disturbing...

MichaFrario responds:

Reverse CPR Disturbing? Mission complete!

Both the animation and the story are excellent!
You truly recrated the feel of Sonic 2.

Oh Sonic... That's just petty, man. But in the game, if tails stole your air bubble, then it makes sense, but wrong on many levels.

tails sold his soul to the devil, since then is immortal and never dies.
btw i want to make that pixel art things