Reviews for "Dimension Jumper"

too bad

Tell me one thing - did you personally win all the levels you designed? If so, then I wonder how did you manage to fit in those 8 hours. ;)
Just one thing I found quite annoying - the level restarts when you touch the left side of a tile. Sometimes you don't even fall down, but the screen suddenly fades. Maybe it's intentional, but still...

I know it's meant to be impossible, but there should be at least hard/easy mode (or 2-3 easier levels), or some not-very-tireless players will rage-quit soon and give you bad rating.
Congratulations on your first game. ;)

Play button does not work!

Kind of...mildly...terrible. The menus can easily be made better through 5 minutes spent in MS Paint.

The graphics could be made better just as easily.

Apparently you lose if you hit the side of any block, even if you are able to continue the game?

There are no checkpoints.

I can jump while in the air if I fell without jumping.

There are just...SO many flaws with this, in design and in coding. I appreciate that it was done in 8 hours, but please, POLISH your game before releasing it.

OYUS SO TOTALLY BAWS btw i helped code this derp