Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 4"

That Egoraptor segment made the wait completely worth it for the new episode. This series is just amazing and hell...I actually seeing these animations far more than your typical ones...they are far more entertaining. :D

wow zan is a cartoon and she isnt really that was so superising

when egoraptor speak i imagined tlike one of his cartoons

Who's Dave Franklyn?...

So, did I get it correctly?
You, Zone, together with Caxx, and Egoraptor in the same effing flash?
This must be the best day in my life... I never thought this would happen!
Apart from loving the usual awesomeness of your contribution, I've only got one question... Is there any chance you and Egoraptor will ever appear in the same flash?

Thank you so much for this! You just gave me the energy back to work my a** off for the exams!
You, sir, are what makes the internet a unique place!