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Reviews for "Scribblenauts General"

This was really neat, probably because it uses Scribblenauts. I have never played the game, but know a lot about it. It's great to see your creativity being put to the test. I am not just referring to the game, but this cartoon. The animation is very well done. I can tell you did the "Earthbound" part on NinDoh!

Or was that Kirbopher? You just have so little idea as to what's going to happen next. I appreciate the good animation used everywhere. He should have been a blue owl. Maxwell reminds me of someone from a chicken cartoon.

Scott-Falco responds:

No that was kirbopher, but thanks! I had a lot of fun with this script, some of my best writing in my opinion cause it was jut kind of quick humor instead of "lawl you died dark souls" or trying hard to be one of the other famous animators out there. I felt like this was like "my style"

I liked alot of things about this video. Also the song is Twisted nerve. Im guessing this guy likes kill bill.

funny always wondered about how the civilians felt when you bust out the pencil in that game

I LOVE the fact that the song from American Horror Story was playing .
That made my life.

next time I am going to think the next time I play scribblnaughts