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Reviews for "Dovahbear 3 "

better than the first 2. Nice work!

I absolutely love Dovahbear! Been watching Dovahbear's adventure since the second one, though I've been following your work since Tron Guy Legacy.One last thing, do you animate everything by yourself or do you have friends/animators help you?

Bowz responds:

So far, I've animated everything by myself.

Dovabear's a fucking Alchemist?!?!
Next he'll be casting Shock spells while drinking a Magicka potion.
This series needs to continue. No two ways about it.

Man, these are the best Skyrim videos on the entire internet.

By all means, please make more. The Dovahbear's quest for honey mead is not complete!

You're so chock full of awesome it drips from you. Also, you leave stains when you sneeze.

Completely fucking amazing skyrim videos. I've never even touched the game (beyond its intro- not because it's bad; inb4kiddiesrage) and I find these shorts to be hilarious/tear-jerking.

Keep at it.