Reviews for "Fighting Sleep"

reminds me of something from the 80's and 90's side scrolling shooters

Holy hell. Wish I could use this gif as a wallpaper for my phone.

Great animation!

The track isn't available on YouTube or Bandcamp... Is it up anywhere else?

Carrion responds:

Fixed the link in the description!

The YouTube link doesn't lead anywhere; it appears to not even be a complete link.

Either way, incredible stuff on the animation! Glad to hear the project is going well, and I listened to a few of Sagey's SC tracks and can tell that it's going to be a real treat!

Carrion responds:

Fixed it!

Dude, so like when you initially posted this, I listened to the track accompanying it and thought it was very interesting. The music Sagey made for it was really original and just seemed like it fit the theme of what you're shooting for. Today, I finally got around to actually listening to Sagey's tunes and I really wish I would have sooner, cause that shit is fire. I think your ideas with his audio aid will he something truely unique and you should keep pushing with it, because I think you'll make something amazing man. <3