Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

Good intentions, but some major storytelling issues, mostly with how you presented it. This isn't a self-contained story, and even though you said you need the prequel to understand in the comments, there's nowhere in the movie where this is apparent. Either this needed an "Episode 2" in the title, or there should have been some effort into making it so that newcomers can understand. Even that could have been forgiven, but unfortunately nothing is really accomplished here as a story even still. Guy finds rock, guy turns orange, guy runs toward a light, theoretically speaking there's not really a story happening here at all. Just food for thought, the graphics/style are nice, and some great ambiance going on here, but I didn't get anything out of it as a story, which is bad even in an episode from a series. There needs to be a degree of closure in every iteration, even if the story is meant to be told in parts, otherwise you're robbing each episode of its re-watch value. Would be glad to see more though.

NeroGeist responds:

That was the main concern I had with this when I finished. It's hard to convey a story to an audience when you have it in mind, you sometimes forget that people don't know whats going on and they can't assume the story like you do. There were many problems with the storytelling and I agree with you on that, this I guess was really a starting point for the series. And now that Step is willing to compose music for this series, I won't be limited music wise which can let focus more on the story. Thanks again for the review though! I'll be sure to work on it harder next time! :)

Meh, the animation was pretty good but the story... couldnt quite feel it.

Great Idea well Thought Out

Music was great. Animation is decent. And it was nice that you synced the two together.

But the movie itself is too slowly paced and boring.