Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

Need an option to mute sounds...

TomFulp responds:

Press "M" to mute!

Awesome. Just awesome. Of course I wans't expecting anything less the way this game has been getting hyped up, but seeing the greatness produced is always something special. The character selection wasn't obvious unless you read the description, nor are the controls. Maybe add some more guidance within the game? When you really start playing though everything works well. the controls in fighting are supereasy and the fights themselves are intense, with great graphics and sound effects and everything looking and sounding like an old arcade game. That would be enough to be a great game, but then there's the level editor, and everything else editor, with which the game just soars to new heights! I've never seen a level editor this simple to use. Overall the interface is just awesomely designed, the game itself is awesome to play, even the introduction was like a movie on itself. Great voice acting too. Can't find anything negative to write about this because there isn't. Great work!


This is super fun! Like old-school Mega Man with customizable bosses. It would be nice to see a little more variety at some point with the weapons for both the robots and the human team, but this is still the most fun I've had with a Flash game in a long time.

Great game. High re-playability. Its awesome seeing what other users came up with. The gameplay itself is entertaining.
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Tom- you are the real MVP- literally- the king of creating the creative internet

TomFulp responds:

Awe thanks!