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Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

Good game in every single way. Cool graphics. Badass music. Best of all it's very addictive. Great idea to let people create their own bosses for everyone to fight. Keeps the game fresh for a while. Here are my bosses, if you can handle them ;)
Hatred MKII
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/gro up/522/play/426097
Fear Mkii
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/gro up/522/play/426460
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/gro up/522/play/427964
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/gro up/522/play/428726
Good luck!

Some patterns from the main story are just so random : ( but fun nonetheless : )
It´s RACK! right
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/show/usergenerated/group/522/

Game looks good and sounds good. The gameplay on the human side is simple and fun. The raybot creation, on the other hand, could use a little work. At its core, it's definitely fun, and the aesthetic creation is great. I would've liked to have seen maybe a few more weapons for the robot to choose from, but it's no big deal. I think maybe being able to draw your own weapons instead of choosing from two or three different skins and maybe adding one or two more base weapons would work really well. My main issue is with the pattern programming. I think having to have players manually record the pattern themselves makes it a bit difficult to be able to actually do precisely what you want it to do. I often find myself repeating it over and over just to be able to get it right. Maybe in a future installment (or update?), it could be possible to do some simple AI programming to program the bosses (think Wario DIY) in addition to being able to manually record the boss. It's not TOTALLY necessary, but it would definitely alleviate some frustration with programming the pattern. What REALLY frustrates me, though, is this one bug that seems to have been mentioned in the author's comments and supposedly fixed. After lord knows how many tries, I FINALLY nail the pattern I want and try to open the exit to close the loop...but sometimes it won't open. I'm not sure what causes this, but after pattern testing for a certain amount of time, I am unable to open up the exit to finish the loop. Furthermore, whenever this bug DOES occur, ANOTHER bug occurs where trying to play as the human instead causes the game to bug out (doesn't spawn the level, game is basically unplayable until you quit the fight), and the only way to fix both of these is to reset the game. It's annoying enough to make me want to stop playing whenever it happens.


Simple, fun gameplay on human side
Fun to test out people's creations
Raybot creation is simple and intuitive and also fun.

Raybot weaponry could use a bit more aesthetic customization, and maybe even a few more base weapons
Having to manually record the boss patterns can be a hassle if you want precision
Nasty bug that basically makes it impossible to play the game

Overall, a pretty fun game that, with a few improvements, could really be awesome and live for quite a while.

Fast paced and a simple concept that combines creative aspects on one hand and heavy platforming action on the other. While this game defiantly shows its strengths, it also shows a few weak points.
While yes, bosses are supposed to be typically more powerful than the player, the power balance here almost feels unfair at times. While yes, you MUST defeat the boss before it can be posted, I feel that at times some battles are just luck. The other issue is that the secondary to the human players, the flame thrower, might as well be a pea shooter because it does next to nothing, only buying me time until I have a power shot handy since it is all I have. Human players shouldn't have as large of a weapon base as the raybots, but they should have something more than a cigarette lighter.
Level designing was a total breeze with it being both simple and easy to work. Pattern programming feels a bit hit and miss though. There are times when I would like to pause at a certain point to let myself think about what I really want this raybot to do, but instead I have to pump all the commands in one go, making what could be a very neat boss design look and feel like it is missing something. If we had something like a pause feature in pattern programming, I feel we could see some more inventive bosses.
Overall, a impressive game that will prove itself to be fun to many, but before it can expand its audience, some more tweaking is needed. Heck, I could even see this being a good XBA title just on its own as is... though I still hope to see the above fixes, nonetheless.

It's an interesting game for sure. You've created a medium in which players are able to create their own boss battles, and other players can fight those bosses. I've always been supportive of more creative games, anything with content you can easily create and share with everyone else. As such I rather enjoy playing this.

However, I do feel as if the creation of the Raybots is somewhat limited. You have a decent variety of weapons, but the movement is limited, and some essential elements of a good boss battle are missing, such as weakpoints.