Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

Such a crazy and intense game! I'm loving it so much! The bosses are really cool and pretty unique, and some are especially unique and tough.

There were quite some points where I raged super hard, but in the end I understood that this was just a part of the game and that some bosses are much, much tougher than other ones and require you to learn their own, unique pattern. The most annoying were probably the ones that would have guaranteed damage on you and that were hard to hit.

Still, I enjoyed each aspect of the game soo much, the graphics, colors, bosses and much more... I'll definitely come back to this and revisit some stupid bosses I couldn't even touch xxD

–°ool game

Badass game!

Holy hell this game is nearly 5 years old? Time really flies doesnt it? Feels like just yesterday I participated in the beta. The amount of detail and challenge put into this game is amazing. And to think Nightmare Cops is soon to launch.

Glad to see this game is still kicking after all these years