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Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

Awesome, awesome idea, very fun game.

Amazing graphical style, I love how everything looks simple, yet futiristic, and I also love how the crazy robotic TV sets actually display TV-related content in their screens, which makes for quite a few fun laughs. Also, great music and sound effects, a catchy collection of electronic epic beats. The sound effects and the visual effects also blend in very well, adding a lot of satisfaction to every explosion and every shot landed.

I like the human-side gameplay, an action platformer where you have to shoot down the enemies while avoiding their shots, always simple, fast paced, and fun. The controls work very well, and I didn't feel cheated a single time. There were situations where I fell off a platform for no apparent reason, but these seemed to be pretty rare, and happened mostly when facing the Star Spangled Banner. I love how the game consists on facing different Raybots created by different people, each defined with their own behavior pattern and set of weapons, and some of which are very hard. It's always very fun and challenging to dodge enemy shots and shoot down the evil Raybots.

The stage edition was pretty cool as well, I was impressed by how many possibilities it provided in what concerns designing both the arenas and the bots, I love how I can define the Raybot behavior in very specific ways, and I also like how you can customize your Raybot's screen pixel by pixel (I tried making a crappy Rede Globo image on mine). The different weapons and level styles that can be picked are also pretty kickass.

So, overall, a fun game, both in the level edition and in the actual action. Satisfying and enjoyable.

i didnt particularly like it as it was too hard for me ._.
yes i sound like a noob

i love this game :)

Good game. Sad I unlocked a hat twice.

Everything is great, Except for the Pattern everytime i push it, the Robot's Spawnpoint wont activate.