Reviews for "Incoming! Again"

Day 16, everyone died by an airstrike pick up, but day isn't ending.

Good game though.

Awesome game! It does have several drawbacks, but I enjoyed it very much, enough for 4.5 stars :) It is quite well-balanced, has nice graphics, and the weapon switching while reloading or for different enemies makes things interesting.
- Weapon descriptions are somewhat lacking: no special features are specified (like the Winchester being a shotgun with multiple shots), only basic statistics, and even these don't include accuracy for example. They're also not available while playing, but most important I think is a description, so that I know what I'm buying - especially since I can't select the previous weapon anymore...
- I think I got the victory screen after day 18... And there was a Continue button, so I pressed it and got a super-difficult level which I failed several times. So I quit to the main menu, planning to get back to it tomorrow or something, but only saw New Game and Survival options, i.e. my progress was not saved. Disappointing! Good thing I finished the game in one sitting.

Really fun. Nice weapon choice. I especially liked the flare gun. It really made me feel invincible. Great graphics. My only complaint is that it was a bit too easy. Finished in about an hour, but WHAT AN HOUR!!!! :-)

Really fun game, unfortunately it glitched out on me on day 15. The last enemy tank was killed by a carpet bombing. Everybody is dead but the day isn't finished...

not very innovative but then again it doesn't need to be

very fun shot-em-up classic game with fun and interesting weapons

a super end weapon and/or defences would extend the length of game play too
along with changing the first weapon since it seemed kinda useless unless EVERYTHING was reloading

Overall great short game for a once through play :)