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Reviews for "TDKR: Alternate Ending"

I have to praise how good the animation was. The voices seem to be pretty spot-on too! I was expecting Bane to make fun of how Batman's voice wasn't that clear either. I just did not like the rest of it. It came off as too short, and it was basically just one joke that never really went anywhere. It falls on Bane and he dies.

I don't see how that specifically mocks the movie or anything else. You at least did your research for getting the theme right. Why are the DKR parodies only coming now? They didn't when the movie first came out. I guess it just takes time to make flash.

Wow, if they'd used that ending the movie would have only been half as long, I could have gone and done other things with my time.

I swear, just watched the film two hours ago. This is a better ending!

Ok graphics, but the writing.. I mean, slapstick comedy and pretty weak at that.. but you could definitely help people out with the graphics if not the writing.

awesome animation and good story