Reviews for "ZTV News Short: Christmas"

Woot! Love you Zone-Tan.

awsome as always but the thing is you have the voices a lot quiter than the music so it makes hard to hear them but other than that it was great

awww that was so cute, pretty much the sweetest thing ever :D

i just love zone-tan she´s so amazingly cute <3.

This animation was hilarious, and Zone Tan was adorable of course. And you know, I think one of my favorite things about her, is how sexy Zone Sama has made her without being, well, blatant about it. Let's face it, none of his creations are quite as hot as she is. And while she can get suggestive, it always stops short of being blatantly pornographic. She might be crass, brash, rude, and even vulgar at times, but, in her own way, classy.

Very nice, amazing animation, and really made me laugh!