Reviews for "Pimp's Quest"

Im so fuckin mad when it comes to the bus shootout part, its so bullshit XD Its completely impossible to do it without a mouse which sucks i dont have it for my pc right now.

I haven't played this since 2004! PYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMP!

Dat voice acting

Classic fave right here, it's a damn shame one of the creators is gone.... so much for Pimp's Quest 2, R.I.P. Ben Spurgin.

Wow, I was impressed by how good the animation was. It's easy to see how this has become so popular after all these years. I personally know you more for your Stick Slayer flashes. Wait, I shouldn't really say "your" as the creator is dead. I was impressed at how fast paced it was. I was in no way expecting it to change genres.

I guess I'm glad it wasn't an interactive movie the whole way through. The colors are really well done here too. I guess with the whole urban setting, it would make sense a pimp would appear. I just didn't know the main character would turn into one. The voices are nice too.